Poker pwned

Just consider the source, and go on with your play.
This RAT allowed attackers to view what Kyllönen was doing on the computer, a very serious problem considering Kyllönen also plays in online poker tournaments.
CB, C-bet continuation bet, cF of C/F check-fold, describing a betting sequence for a given player.
PTR Refers to Poker Table Ratings.The company has dubbed these attacks against professional poker players as "sharking much in the same way "whaling" refers to targeted attacks against high-profile business managers.That is good advice, and not just for poker players.O8 or O-8 Omaha-8 (hi-lo, 8 or better another popular game.PCMag reviews products independently, but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.OMG Oh my God!
LP late position, mTT multi-table tournament, nH nice hand.
Kyllönen was right to be concerned, as F-Secure researchers found a remote access Trojan (RAT) installed on the laptop, F-Secure posted on its blog earlier this week.
HUD heads-up display (referring to a software tool used by some dedicated players).
Ftops Full Tilt Online Poker Series.
PS PokerStars, the largest online poker site.
RB rebuy, rOFL rolling on the floor, laughing; roflmao adds my ass off at the end.
Kyllönen was playing in the European Poker Tour event in Barcelona last September when he discovered that his laptop had gone missing from his hotel room.Fwiw For what its worth, gFY even more rude than diagf, think about.Knowing your acronyms, such as ducy (Do You See Why?) allow you to participate in the chat that accompanies the fast-paced environment horario del casino carrasco that signifies any online poker table.OOP out of position, usually an EP (early-position) player.It's important to lock your laptop when you step away from it, even for a short period of time and require an actual login to get access to your desktop.CR or C/R check-raise, diagf an impolite acronym usually typed by an extremely tilted, juvenile player, usually after a bad beat.If you are on a trip, keep the laptop locked in a safe in a room only you can access, or keep it with you at all times.STG single-table tournament, tAG tight-aggressive player TBH to be honest TID take it down tptk Top pair, top kicker tyvm thank you very much UTG Under the gun wcoop World Championship of Online Poker (at PokerStars) Author: Joseph Falchetti (twitter) (C) Copyright m, 2018.

GG good game, gL good luck, horse a tourney or cash-game format featuring five rotating games: Limit Texas Holdem (H Limit Omaha-8 (O Razz (R Seven-card stud (S and Seven-card stud hi/lo, eight or better for lo (E).