Monster slot machine for sale

box is excellent or nicer. .
Space Sci-Fi click here, monster models, aMT-Ertl Monster Kits 30096. .
Kit includes all easy to assemble parts; full instructions; informative booklet; decals and rotating display stand. .
parts mint; most still attached to trees.colors are vivid and bright! .includes paint and paintbrush.rare Mexican plated "Japanese Garden" Serie. .parts mint but missing part #5 the platform base. .box shows age wear but is very good and intact. .older and hard to find kit from this classic Japanese manufacturer who is long out of business. .Life-like 3-D body on wall plaque.
Had been assembled and disassembled.
Early 60' original issue. .
"Frightening Lightning Edition" with cine el poker de la muerte glow in the dark parts. .
parts are mint with most still attached to the sprues. .
empty box and illustrated instructions only. .
resin; clear acetate; white metal. .
mint and factory sealed.1804 trevithick Steam Locomotive. .minor surface tear on left side panel from scotch tape; otherwise box is near mint. .15.00 * marx "Miniature Bird Model Kits".Box says that it originally came with delivery truck; but that is long gone. .includes illustrated handbook written by medical authorities. .shoveler duck "Sportsmen Trophies" Series. . 295.00 820.TV's Most Famous Horse blaze king. .

45.00 FB-1  frosty BAR Ice Cream Stand.