Mission 8 card 7 tsum tsum

See Rabbit category for the tsums to use.
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Mission 12 Strategy Mission 13 Strategy Learn about Experience and how to earn.
Mission 14 Strategy Mission 15 Strategy Learn about Magical Bombs.We open the Oswald Tsum premium box gift and do a quick skill demo for those that might not be familiar with him.Disney Tsum Tsum Bingo Card 8 Completed (Missions 7, 10, 19, 20, 23, 24; List; Gifts).Please consider helping us out by visiting our Support Us Page and using our affiliate links.Mission 9 Strategy See Females category for the tsums to use.( English version : Clear 2,000 Tsums using a vertical burst skill Tsum.) Mission 22 Accumulate 4,200 Coins with a Tsum whose hair is tied.
Coin, time mission 6 Clear 100 Big Tsum Tsum in totalTips: Just play normally but if you just have this one left then use Sulley if you have him to speed this up *This is an 'In Total' Mission meaning you can use multiple games.
( English version : Accumulate 1,000 Coins with a Tsum whose hair is tied.) Mission 23 Burst 110 Coin Bombs with a center burst skill Tsum.
Mission 25 Strategy See Hat category for the tsums to use.english version : Use female Tsum Tsum to earn 5,000 EXP in total).Learn about Experience and how to earn.DYhhkoqh.dpuf Suggested Tsums Tsums You Can Use mission 11 Clear 7 Score Magical Bubbles in 1 playTips: Use Miss Bunny if you have her since her skill generates different kinds of bubbles Suggested Tsums Useful Bonus Items 5 - 4 Time mission 12 Use.Time, score mission.( English version : Burst 300 Magic Bombs.) Mission 16 Clear 22,500 Tsums accumulatively.Mission 21 Strategy See Vertical Burst Skill category for the tsums to use.Mission 2, use a skill 20 times with a Tsum with a ribbon accumulatively.If you don't get this while playing normally then use the tips for getting an exact number of coins (Use a non-burst Tsum and make small chains until you get 26 coins and stop).Suggested Tsums, tsums You Can Use, useful Bonus Items 5 -.

( English version : Play 50 Times.) Mission 13 Accumulate 32,000 Exp.
Mission 11, accumulate 5,600,000 points using a Tsum with red cheeks.
( English version : Accumulate 500 Combos with a sweetheart Tsum's skill.) Mission 20 Burst 192 Score Bombs with a Tsum with the initial "T".