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Age: 14-16 years old, hair Color: Blonde, eye Color: Blue.
At the beginning of the series, she is fourteen years old and portrayed as an immature crybaby who hates having to fight evil and wants nothing more than to be a normal girl.
Haruka(amara of an age with her partner, Michiru, transforms into Sailor Uranus, Soldier of the Sky and Fury.Michiru(michelle) A year older than most of the other Sailor Senshi, she can transform into Sailor Neptune, Soldier of Ocean and Intuition.These kinds of games are found casino golden dreams in land-based casinos throughout the world, but the payout varies.Before becoming a Sailor Senshi, she dreamt of being a racer, and she has excellent driving skills.28 Neptune has ultimately given up her own dreams for the life of a Senshi.Name: Serena Tsukino/ Usagi Tsukino, nickname: Meatball head (called by Darien/Mamoru and sometimes Raye/Rei).She is the only one of the main characters to go with her name unchanged between the original Japanese and English-language localized versions.20 She learns to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon, or Sailor Mini Moon in the English series.Secretly, she is also a fan of pop culture and romance novels, and becomes embarrassed whenever this is pointed out.If you are looking for affordable pricing and good customer service, City Center Hotel is for you.Batman The Penguin Prize, batman The Riddler Riches, batter Up!
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Apollo God of the Sun, arctic Wonders, arsene Lupin.
Attacks: Moon Tiara Magic, Moon Healing Activation, Cosmic Moon Power, Moon Scepter Elimination, Moon Crystal Healing Power, Moon Spiral Heart Attack, Rainbow Moon Heart Ache, Moon Gorgeous Meditation, Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss, Silver Crystal Power Kiss sailor mars, an elegant, fourteen-year-old miko (shrine maiden).
27 After so long at the Gate of Time she carries a deep sense of loneliness, although she is close friends with Chibiusa.
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Affordability in the Heart of Downtown Los Angeles.When it comes to fighting the enemy she distrusts outside casino emotion plaza del sol telefono help and prefers cuanto valen las cartas de poker to work solely with Sailor Neptune and, later, Pluto and Saturn.As a young child he experienced a terrible car-accident that robbed him of his parents and of his knowledge of his own identity.Holiday Season Holmes and the Stolen Stones Horus Gold Hot Money Hot Party Hula Girl Hunt for Gold Hunter of Seas Hunting Season Ice Queen Immortal Blood Imperial Wars Indian Cash Catcher Indian Charm Indian Princess Irish Riches Jack the Ripper Jackpot 6000 Jackpot Giant.Minako transforms into Sailor Venus, Soldier of Love and Beauty, and leads Sailor Moon's four inner guardians.15 Name: Lita Kino/ Makoto Kino Nickname: None Age: 14-16 years old Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Green Birthday: December 5th Astrological Sign: Sagittarius Blood Type: O Favorite Color(s Green and pink Hobby/ies: Cooking Dislikes(as in people Negaverse scum, Negamoon scum, Queen Beryl, Queen Nehelenia.