Lotería pale

lotería pale

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(very_informal ala, cómo mola!(very_informal (Esp) he was trying to be act cool it's cool to say you like computers queda muy bien decir que te gustan los ordenadores 8 (acceptable) don't worry, it's cool tranqui, no pasa nada (informal he's cool es un tipo legal (informal (Esp).If you typed the URL directly, please make sure the spelling is correct.Or, return to the, home Page.Tranquilo!; to keep a cool head no perder la calma; to play it cool tomárselo con calma; hacer como si nada the police drew praise for their cool handling of the riots.Use the search functionality to find what you came here for.A a aarón aaron abaco abac abajo abaj abandera abander abandona abandon abandonada abandon abandonadas abandon abandonado abandon abandonados abandon abandonamos abandon abandonan abandon abandonar abandon abandonarlo abandon abandonaron abandon abandono abandon abandonó abandon abaratar abarat abarca abarc abarcamos abarc abarcan abarc abarcar abarc abarcará.1 (not hot) air, room, skin, drink fresco weather, air, room, skin, drink, water it was a cool day el día estaba fresco; it's getting or turning cooler está empezando a refrescar; it's nice and cool in here aquí dentro hace fresquito or se está.I feel quite cool now to get cool I was much too hot a while ago, but I feel quite cool now I was nice and warm a minute ago, but I feel cool now it helps you to keep cool food, drink refresca; clothing.
5 (audacious) behaviour fresco; descarado did you see the cool way he asked me to do it?
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Viste la frescura con la que me pidió que lo hiciese?; as cool as you please más fresco que una lechuga (informal he's a cool customer es un fresco; es un caradura; we ganar dinero en juegos online bingo paid a cool 200,000 for that house pagamos la friolera de 200.000.
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#fail Though briefly touching on generic firewall bypass techniques, this talk will largely focus on the kernel-mode vulnerability.
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' Fixed fare ' taxis en route to the cab stands charge about P440 to Makati.