Disney tsum tsum bingo card 2 mission 13

When you reach level 15 in the Japanese version, or level 10 in the International version, you unlock the ability to play Bingo mission cards.
Recommend bono and africa finishing this mission after most of the others are complete as you are most likely going to be clearing Green Tsums while completing the other missions *This is an 'In Total' Mission meaning you can use multiple games to complete it and it will.
(8) 4 days: 2018 October 8 to October 11, 11:59pm PDT (October 12, 2:59pm UTC08:00) Premium Box (2.5) 2018 October 5 to October 11, 11:59pm PDT (October 12, 2:59pm UTC08:00) Pick-Up Capsules (Past Halloween Tsums) 3 days: 2018 October 5 to October 7, 11:59pm PDT.
Premium Box (2.5) 2018 November 6 to November 12, 11:59pm PST (November 13, como se juega el poker clasico 3:59pm UTC08:00).Select Box (8.33) 3 days: 2018 August 13 to August 16, 11:59pm PDT (August 17, 2:59pm UTC08:00) Total: 12 types Premium Box - Lucky Time!Select Box (10) 4 days: 2018 October 12 to October 15, 11:59pm PDT (October 16, 2:59pm UTC08:00) Total: 10 types Premium Box - Lucky Time!Cards 1-6: available on 2018 November 5, 12am PST.Please consider helping us out by visiting our Support Us Page and using our affiliate links.If you have Holiday Donald he is best because you can swipe to clear individual Tsums when his skill is active instead of having to tap on them making it much easier to use.While you complete a single line bingo, you will be rewarded with smaller rewards, such.Try for longer chains as longer chains get more coins Tsums You Can Use Useful Bonus Items 5 - 4 Coin Time mission 2-25 Use a canine Tsum Tsum to earn 900,000 points in 1 gameTips: Use your higher level Tsums Tsums You Can Use.
Pick-Up Capsules 3 days: 2018 November 6 to November 8, 11:59pm PST (November 9, 3:59pm UTC08:00).
Here is the link to its Official Teaser Trailer on YouTube.
Click on Tsum Tsum icon to view its details NOW!
Since Sep event, many players had issues with the game if linked with Facebook Account. .
Event - Tsum Tsum World Trip!
Over 3 days, it'll be 45,000 Coins!
Many players, including myself, had error code -1 after updated to version.48.0, could this be part of the bug?It is possible you will clear 100 Toy Story Tsum Tsums while trying to complete other missions.(8) 4 days: 2018 August 9 to August 12, 11:59pm PDT (August 13, 2:59pm UTC08:00) Premium Box (2.5) 2018 August 9 to August 12, 11:59pm PDT (August 31, 2:59pm UTC08:00) Select Box (8.33) 3 days: 2018 August 6 to August 8, 11:59pm PDT (August.Notices (October 18, 2018) - Facebook Login Bug.Lineup info shown Blue Fairy but correct Tsum was Fairy Godmother Pick-Up Capsules (4th Anniversary!(12) 2 days: 2018 November 21 to November 22, 11:59pm PST (November 23, 3:59pm UTC08:00) Wreck-it Ralph The game introduces the new Tsum Tsum in both Japanese and Global versions, along with the release of animated movie Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-Ralph 2 on November.(12) 5 days: 2018 July 27 to July 31, 11:59pm PDT (August 1, 2:59pm, UTC8:00) Compensation on Select Box Bug - "Here's an apology gift for you from the TsumTsum Team" On 2018 July 6, between 12am to 2:45am PDT, there was a bug.Check out our other bingo card pages: Looking for more friends to add in game?Update to the latest version of the app to play the new cards.Today's Mission Reward UP!For parfum baccarat rouge pas cher example Minnie's power changes Tsums to Mickey and Daisy's power changes Tsums to Donald Tsums You Can Use Useful Bonus Items 5 - 4 Time mission 2-7 Use a Tsum Tsum with floppy ears to create a 70 comboTips: Make a lot of short.If the coming event is similar as its Japanese version, there'll probably be Marvel Tsum Tsum.Select Box (10) 4 days: 2018 November 23 to November 26, 11:59pm PST (November 27, 3:59pm UTC08:00) Total: 10 types Premium Box - Last Lucky Time!

22 days: 2018 July 9 to July 30, 11:59pm PDT (July 31, 2:59pm UTC08:00) Highlight: Rewards included max skill 3/3 Caballero Donald and Gold Pin App Update 2018 July 26 - Version.47.0 - App Store Google Play Premium Box 2018 July 16 to July.
3 days: 2018 July 5, 8am to July 8, 7:59am PDT (July 8, 10:59pm, UTC8:00) To celebrate 4th Anniversary, the game is giving 10x Reward Bonus for Today's Mission!
The game had apologized in its Notices and had made a compensation of 30,000 coins to all players.