Cannon bono boiler

It's not very often we get to see Bono's daughters Eve Jordan Hewson on home soil folks, they usually only show-up on red carpets in Cannes such far flung places.
24.02.08 Dozy Rosy V The Glenda.
It's just how we roll.Since the casinos de la costa glory days reign of Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant and The Ultimate Warrior professional grappling seemed to become all a bit meh.14.05.13 Rochie's Gals Hit Harrys.Alas, we found none on these two beauties apart from a rather suspicious tattoo on Miss Moyles' shapely left buttock.There was a mammoth fashion show extravaganza over Ballsbridge way last bono juancito pinto 2018 cronograma Friday night where everyone and anyone was on the catwalk having the craic raising money for charity.We don't know how long it takes to name a new born baby, but if after a year you are still calling your child "you there" or " thingamajig " or "whatsyerbleedinface" then someone really should call in Child Services.Even newly single Brian McFadden found a drinking buddy in Calum Best when he unexpectedly showed-up after only getting back into the country a wet day.Saying that, when we bumped into the talented twins in Dublin Airport last weekend, they were still surrounded by throngs of teenage girls.
So, has the high profile pair finally got hitched?
We thought there was no way anything could have topped the Queen's visit folks, then along came.
19.06.08 Rhys Meyers' New Girl for The Chop?02.04.13 Miss Monahan is Miss Bucks.If you are not down with X Factor twinz Jedward folkz then you are almost certainly NOT down with the kidz.13.09.10 Pouty Price The Heaton Party.It seems Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams isn't just the one-dimensional stuffed-shirt we thought he was -.And there we were thinking we had something special.Amongst the important peeps was BB babe Noirin Kelly putting on a brave face after her hopes to make the cut on the upcoming Ultimate Big Brother show were apparently dashed.You will have to forgive us folks, we're so excited that a small bit of wee just came out.But folks, Bob Paula were reunited in Dublin this week when Domhnall Gleeson Lesley-Ann Halvey met-up for the 'When Harvey Met Bob' movie wrap party.02.10.11 Taxi For Aisleyne Horgan Wallace.It seems that Sir Bono of Dalkey has joined the ranks of Pop Art iconized stars such as Marilyn Monroe and a tin of Campbells Soup by getting the Andy Warhol treatment.05.05.10 Sile, Suzanne Jenny Lee Spotted.17.04.11 Brian Bestie Hit Harrys.Like, Cici Cavanagh from the show we love to hate and Andrea Corr showed us the light through the grey slush yesterday.

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Irish broadcaster and Late Late Show presenter Pat Kenny bragged squatter's rights to an adjoining piece of land next to his Dalkey crib called 'Gorse Hill.' His neighbour screamed: "Get off my land Kenny" and the costs went into the millions.
Naughty Big Brother 10 naturalist Noirin Kelly has hardly had her kit-on since leaving the famous Channel 4 Reality TV house.