Bingo card 2 mission 18

Mission 19, earn 12,000 Exp in total.
Mission 3, earn 300 Exp using a Happiness Tsum in 1 play.Those very difficult missions, clear them with Bonus Items such as Time, 5 4, Score, etc.Mission 14 Strategy casino flotante Learn about Magical Bombs.Earn 600 Coins using a "Toy Story" series Tsum in 1 play.Tips, before start Card 1, try to get hold.
If I recall correctly, I left this out till I've got hold of Holiday Donald Create a 250 Combo in 1 play Use a skill that calls a sweetheart to earn 1,700,000 points in 1 play Earn a score of 1,900,000 with a Tsum Tsum.
Mission 7, burst 5 large Tsums in 1 play.
The game has some missions where texts are inaccurate, corrected ones are inside.Avoid using Rubies cos they are difficult to get (easy if you were using real cash).Mission 16 Strategy This mission can be completed across multiple games and does not need to be completed in one play.Mission 6 Strategy See Females category for the Tsums to use.Completing Mission Card.18 rewards you with.Enter Fever mode 4 times using a Happiness Tsum in 1 play.Click on your desired Card to go to its mission list!Vine 3 to 2 odds calculator blackjack Sanctuary offers refuge to animals who have escaped or been rescued from the meat, dairy and egg industries or other injurious circumstances, such as cockfighting and zoos.Mission 2, use a Happiness Tsum's Skill 5 times in 1 play.Mission 7 Strategy See Enlarging Skill category for the Tsums to use.

Mission 8 Strategy See White Hands category for the Tsums to use.
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Mission 15, use a Tsum that lives in the sea to earn 1,500,000 Points in 1 play.